Collecting Clients’ Requirements

At Mena Events, we treat every event we manage as a unique separate project. We start by allocating the right team according to the type of event requested. Our team then collects data from our clients and help them shape out their objectives and expectations.

Then our clients receive a proposal that seems more like a storyboard that outlines the whole event from the first moment of preparation till the last moment of the event.

Design and Time frame

At this stage and once we get our clients’ approval for all proposed details, the design phase starts. The aim is to deliver a blueprint for our clients in order to be able to see how their event will look like in real life.

Implementation and Production

This is the stage where the real action takes place. The venues are booked. The artists and musicians start rehearsals. Catering is ordered to clients’ tastes. Equipment is set and tested. All is being ready for Hour Zero.

When the big moment is there, our team and event manager are always there carrying out their missions further and ensuring all is working according to the plan if not better.

Evaluation and Feedback

All the statistics are ready at this point. Complete financial reports. Reach and exposure are being calculated. And the results are compared to initial objectives.

We survey our clients to stand on their satisfaction of our service and use the data to add up to our experience and benefit future clients.