Maxima is a Russian Art Production and Circus Agency that has been in the industry since 2001. It embraces some of the highest performers and has one of the largest database of professional artists worldwide.

Mena Events is the exclusive agent for Maxima in the Middle East. We coordinate with Maxima art production agency in order to create special shows to satisfy our clients’ requirements. Maxima offers a huge collection of acrobatics, contortion, ice skating, magic shows and many other breathtaking art shows.


A Brazilian exceptional service providers for highly sophisticated educational, historic and artistic exhibitions. Euroemeka has a diverse assortment of very special shows that they will offer in the Middle East area under the exclusive agency of Mena Events.

Mena Events utilizes the diversified selection of informative yet enjoyable shows to enrich many of our clients’ events and achieve an intensified effect on all guests and viewers.

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